Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Things I've wanted to write about...

... but haven't. And rather than keep wanting, I might just spend this very brief moment where I have an illusion of having some free time to list bullet points. I should really be good at that, seeing I'm paid for it these days. Obviously, I jest. I'm really creating impact and delivering value to my clients. Bazinga.
So here goes:

1. Paul Scholes calling it a day: Football shall never be the same again. I now have a sense of what one feels like when one realizes that memories of a hero will now have to be restricted to youtube videos.

2. Movies I've watched at Bombay: where one has to stand up for the national anthem every ruddy time. The deaf and dumb version is extremely inspirational, but that doesn't mean the farcical show of patriotism isn't a pain. Sensitizing lessons on 'why we should be kind to Biharis' might work better in Maanoos-land. Ravi Kishen will perform.

3. Who said I was Djoking 4 years ago?

4. A long-drawn theory on how Air India, jokes on Bihar being undeveloped, Salman Khan flops and posts by Ashok Rajaraman, Abhishek Sundar and Shrey Banga will soon be a thing of the past.

5. My blog turning 5 somewhere in June. 5 years, 85 posts, thousands of words and millions of characters. Yet I never tire of turning back the pages- bit by bit, to laugh at forced usages of words like perspicacious and verdant. And the audience tracking feature of blogger still gives me a kick. To all my readers in Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Samoa and the suspiciously regular ones in Brazil, Netherlands and Israel- you are too kind. Your putting in a good word for lefty bloggers from India to your personable female near and dear ones will go a long way in furthering international relations in today's strained international-relations environment. Think about it, you'll be saving the world. And to all those of you who I actually know read what finds its way on Thought Crimes... I can only smile in eternal gratitude. Specially when I turn back the pages- bit by bit, and laugh at forced usages of words like perspicacious and verdant. And know that you've been around through it all.

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