Friday, November 26, 2010



I'd been waiting for this day for quite some time. Sometime earlier this week, when I was in that friendly, fuzzy state when you're not really sure if you're awake or asleep but would like to remain where you are, I'd thought I'd heard Rawat telling Victor that the mercury was supposed to really take a dip. Victor echoed my emotions all too exuberantly and the state was lost. At least for a couple of hours.

A few hours earlier today, I was chatting with Rapu. Precipitation had greeted Canada in a solid way and I could only express my fervent hope that the chocolate-land would not be given a cold shoulder. I didn't have long to wait. Some minutes passed and Victor bounded in, rushing wildly to the window.

There's a street-lamp outside our window which I'll never forget. For dotting the mellow hue that it cast were these tiny magical white orbs. And every so gracefully, they were falling. Time then warped, as it has this amazing habit of doing all-too-often. One minute, I was in the room, putting on whatever warm clothing I could find. The other, I was out, with the door not yet shut on a flatmate's "You've never seen a snowfall. How sweet."

There's many an occasion that stirs a song in each of us. Strangely enough, it was 'Sweet Child O' Mine' for this moment of mine. I didn't really realize when it happened. The initial impression was to make sure that it wasn't just rain playing a cold trick. But a few minutes to get acclimatized, a look to the heavens to confirm and a short-sighted southpaw's look at the white powdery stuff shrouding a passing very non-HIMYM, non-yellow umbrella to confirm what the not-very-good-eyes had thought they'd seen; and GnR took hold of me.

Some passers-by smiled in a knowing sort of way. Others betrayed quiet amusement. And under the said street-lamp, in a moment of pure bliss, amidst tiny little white flakes swaying to the song inside me, I began to dance. The raised arms ballet-type swirl, the delighted skip, the madcap capering- I waltzed, I whirled, I promenaded. And it continued to snow.

It really was quite lovely.

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