Wednesday, June 14, 2006


oh so cliche... My first blog

All right- here goes...

When everyone from my great-aunt Agatha (not to be confused with the one who turns into a werewolf at the full moon) to little Lolly, keeps prattling Blog-blog-blog, royal lefties can certainly not be expected to remain behind. A new era dawns - Lefty has just created a blog space!!

The name - Thought Crimes has been shamelessly copied (yes copied, not internalized a la Kaavya) from a little-known book called 1984 written by a gentleman called Eric Blair, who for reasons unknown to mankind, decided to potray himself to the world under the pseudonym - George Orwell. So if Mr. Orwell (or should I say Mr. Blair) wished to come down from his resting place in the heavens and make this unscruplous lefty pay, he could do so without anyone questioning his actions. Forcing Lefty to read the complete book 1984 would, of course be ample punishment.

But as Mr. Orwell is a good kind soul with undoubedly more pressing matters at hand, I may just escape unscathed and tell the unsuspecting readers here what Lefty's interpretation of Thought Crimes is.

If I choose to waltz into the Tower of London and waltz right out with the Koh-i-noor tucked into my belly-button (God Forbid), those magnificent specimens of humanity called the British Police would be certain to put steel bracelets over my wrists. But if I choose to think that a certain politician with the initials G. B. (I beg your pardon) is a namby-pamby delinquent with the mental ability of a newly hatched turkey, it would be cumbersome, to say the least, for the same gentlemen to adorn me with similar amulets. For one thing, they would have to put half the world's population behind bars for this partiular crime (including themselves). And for another, I'm in a free country, not China, and can therefore exercise my mental faculties in whatever manner I think apt.

This space has therefore been created by Lefty not just to emulate his Aunt Agatha but also to keep a mthodical record of all his mental excursions. Fellow thought-criminals are most welcome here. And as for WTF (Wretched Thoughtcrime Fighters, not the other you beanbags of profact) - WTF!

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